March 30, 2023

About Us

On March 1, 2013, IRMIX Radio officially launched with the first major guest, legendary choreographer and dancer Jimmy Locust.
The station went on to achieve success with the IRMIX Radio special #HappyBirthdayJanet, that trended on social media worldwide and, received recognition from Janet Jackson herself on her website thanking us for celebrating her. The special aired for 24 hours and caused a huge surge in website traffic from the event. In 2014, Martone ended IRMIX Radio to focus on his career in music but would reappear for specials on Industry Revue in the Mix.

Fast forward to 2020, with the world reeling from COVID-19, the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery in the headlines daily and Martone unable to perform to promote his album Erogenous Zone. Martone decided in September 2020 to bring the station back better than before. On March 1, 2021, IRMIX Radio became available on ROKU TV as a downloadable app to the public, a downloadable mobile, and a non-membership website. Additionally, IRMIX Radio will have a monthly magazine that will launching in April 2020 – featuring transcribed articles from shows and interviews. 

Martone’s vision remains clear for the future of IRMIX Radio. Our Vision: To be the number one source for music, news, talk radio, and entertainment worldwide. Our Mission: To create responsible radio programming that will provoke thought and inspire our listeners through music and conversation.

Testimonials from guests

“Martone is a fantastic journalist who asks compelling and thoughtful questions. Being interviewed by allowed me to speak honestly and openly about my creative journey and my life story.” – Benjamin Lerner

“Speaking with Martone was such a refreshing experience. I’ve done so many interviews throughout my career. Most interviewers feel stiff and forced, Martone was kool, fun, poised, and familiar. It was like chatting with my brother. This is always a plus for me. Artists don’t really get chances like these to express themselves beyond the music. Martone provides us space and breathing room to expound on our thoughts pertaining to music and beyond. Thank you for that my brother.” Keith ‘Wildchild’ Middleton