Fri. Sep 17th, 2021


IRMIX Radio Station’s Vision/Mission Statement: 

Our Vision:

To be the number one source for music, news, talk radio, and entertainment worldwide.   

Our Mission:

 It is IRMIX Radio’s mission to create responsible radio programming that will provoke thought and inspire our listeners through music and conversation. 

Banner Advertising Available on IRMIX Radio

At IRMIX Radio, you can choose from custom animated and video banners for additional fees. You can provide one to us and we will direct the link to your chosen product or website, either way, we’ve got you covered. Email:,, and to inquire.

Audio Commercial Advertising Available on IRMIX Radio

At IRMIX Radio, you can choose a specific show to advertise on that coincides with your brand, or you can choose to advertise on the station as a whole. We can also produce these commercials for you for an additional fee or you can provide your own. Your commercial will be heard on IRMIX Radio station via the website and IRMIX Radio ROKU Station. For advertising rates please contact,, and 


Commercial lengths on IRMIX Radio are in general 30, 45, and 60 seconds long.

examples of our commercial production


IRMIX Radio has two options available for advertising on our ROKU Channel a carousel banner right next to our station player on the channel or a lower 3rd carousel banner advertising during our broadcast. We do not launch until March 1, 2021, get in on our introductory offer. Please email,, and to inquire. 

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