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If you wish to work with an online radio station, you're at the right place. IRMIX Radio is based out of Metro-Detroit, MI. If grooving to RnB, Hip-Hop, Dance, Gospel, listening to indie artists is your thing, we offer you an opportunity to work with us.



We promise work will be fun with the background of a thousand superhit tracks playing in unison. Its not a cacophany, it's a test of resilience, spirit and unabashed ambition.

Come and be a part of IRMIX Radio, where work feels like chillin.


Join A Team And Inspire The Work.

Discover how you can make an impact: See our areas of work, worldwide locations, and opportunities.


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Explore a collaborative culture of inclusion, growth, and originality, supported by resources that make a difference in your life.

Career Page It is a community for new talents. It is a place to contribute something more than just being in it. A place where the dreams that are original and unaltered are moulded and created; where the talent and dreams know no barrier. Here at IRMIX Radio, only the spark inside matters. Here at IRMIX Radio, we support each other, build in with team work and produce some incredible works of art. It is a place to be inspired and get inspired. You don't have to change yourself to fit in. This is a diverse place where several individual ideas gets generated and merge into a single one to create something beautiful and novel that will inspire others as well. Your talent is the frontrunner here. To be a part of our team is an opportunity you don't want to miss. IRMIX Radio is a place where your dream reaches the destination. We here at IRMIX Radio, work as a team and support each other like a family. You can procure help in finding and/or exploring your inner horizon all the while contributing to the growth of the team at the same time. Together we can create and together we inspire.
Each and every one of us has faced a certain junction or a cross-road at some point in our lives that has had a major impact on our lives. This can be both a professional crossroads or personal crossroads. But in this essay on career, I would like to talk about the cross-road that we see in our professional career. It’s not just the students who would have faced a dilemma in deciding a career, even employees past 30 years of age face this crisis. When a student’s face its called a beginner’s crisis, but when an employee 6 years down the lane faces dilemmas in his or her career choices, then its usually called a mid-life crisis or mid-career crisis. Midlife crisis is a term that refers to people who are having second thoughts about their career a few years down after working in the same. There might be plenty of reasons for these some of which may be an everyday monologue, fatigue, salary issues, professional growth issues, internal office dilemmas, etc. In this essay on career, I am going to talk about both the type of career choices. A student’s life is the first crossroad that we face in our lives. By keeping certain factors in mind, there is plenty of career choice a student can choose from. Some of the popular career choices are engineering, medicine, arts, and commerce. Which career to choose and on what terms is something that every student will have to worry about.