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Cory George is regarded as a highly-gifted and compassionate mental health practitioner that has helped hundreds of people, over the last several years, to face their past trauma and pain with courage and grace in hopes of creating a better and more secure future. He is an award-winning television host, producer, author, and vocal mental health advocate for the African American community. He is also a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist, Certified Anger Management Specialist along with having obtained his Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling with a focus in Crisis Response and Trauma. He is also a trailblazer in that he believes that every tough conversation is one worth having. In addition, he is also a multimedia producer having created and produced projects for television and online radio.
He has also contributed his expertise as a psychological consultant on multimedia projects. Appearances on media outlets such as Huffington Post Live, Season 7 of OWN Network’s Iyanla, Fix My Life and local radio & television outlets afford George the platform to inspire conversation on topics that he feels deserves more attention.
In 2014, George created, hosted, and executive produced Whispers in the Night, an acclaimed documentary that documents the full lifecycle of childhood sexual assault as experienced by three African American adult male survivors. Cory moderates a timely and painfully detailed conversation that speaks at the heart of men who still suffer the resounding effects of sexual assault and offers victims a portrayal of what victory and healing can look like for them. The documentary has amassed over 11,000 views online. In 2019 Cory George created and is the host and executive producer of the award-winning show 1 on 1 with Cory George, a talk show that focuses on the tough conversations that he hopes will benefit families and communities within the African American population. The show currently airs in Washington, DC on DCTV (DC’s Public Access channel). George’s manual for perseverance, strength, forgiveness, and self-love can be found in his 2015 release:
SIT or STAND 2.0: Living Successfully Beyond Your Shadows. SIT or STAND has been described as an insightful and thought-provoking literary contribution inspired by the trials and triumphs of George. The book is positioned to allow readers to get reacquainted with themselves and discover the true meaning of their life events in the same manner that has made George climb from victim to victor. A native of Houston, Texas, and Ville Platte, Louisiana, he and his family have resided in metro Washington, D.C. for some time.
Contact Information:
Phone: (240) 548-7886

ELLE- Stacey “Elle” Miller, MA is a Communications Professor, STEAM Curriculum Developer, Engagement Expert who teaches writing and communication techniques, coaches public speakers, is an event producer, editor, Co-Host of Common Sense Required Talk Show and author of Better Not Bitter, The Good Girls Guide to Navigating Life’s Disappointments.

Stacey earned a Bachelors Degree in Media & Communications and a Masters Degree in Public Relations Management. Her name and her muse: Everything Entertainment. Lifestyle. Love. Events (ELLE) perfectly depict the life-sized Tinkerbell.

Stacey made her first appearance on then Industry Revue in the Mix back on November 1, 2012, as a special guest.

Hi! I’m Wanda-a lady who loves to laugh and enjoys meeting new people ( I’ve been told I talk too much)! I grew up in the North Bay, ( Tiburon-don’t be jealous) currently living in Oakland (it’s rough in these streets).  After working full time at an engineering firm (boring), I decided to pursue my dream of being a radio personality.  Several months later, I rolled the dice and quit my  job at the engineering firm…best decision ever. Working tirelessly as a “street team” member to an event coordinator and eventually to becoming a  promotions director. I’ve worked for some of San Francisco’s most recognized radio stations: 98.1 KISS FM R&B , KKSF 103.7 Smooth Jazz, AM 1220 KDOW, 860 AM The Answer, and AM 1100 KFAX. After working in the marketing department for 12 years, I was given the opportunity  with AM 1100 KFAX, Christian, Teach & Talk, to host my own show “After Hours”  for eight years. It was a ride!  During my career in  radio, I started my own company Red Lipstick Events & Productions.  I’ve worked and met some of the most amazing people including Academy Award, BAFTA, Screen Actors Guild Award, Critics’ Choice Movie Award and Golden Globe Award Jamie Foxx,  Grammy Award Winning Chris Botti and  creating  a private reception with Steve Forbes, Editor and Chief of Forbes magazine. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing. When I’m  not working, I  enjoy spending time with my family and friends (cool ass people), shopping, fashion, interior design, movies, and most off all talking! Whatever you’re passionate about in life, make it happen!

Tyrone Spencer better known as “DJ Suspence” is more than just a man that spins CD’s and Records; he is a self-proclaimed Bi-Product of a Music Dream gone Right, with a  love for music for over 4 decades. This Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer and Promoter has been in the entertainment game for some time in one capacity or another. As a former model, DJ Suspence has re-entered the modeling game with recent publications in Chicago Brothers United, Live Free, Obvious, Momentum Media, Krave, Swerv, and Breaking New Ground Magazines. 

DJ Suspence understands that with every opportunity that he has to spin, it is a moment in time that gets him closer to fulfilling his personal goal of making his mark in the arena of Music. Even though DJ Suspence is relatively “NEW“ to the DJ-Game, his reputation has already exceeded all expectations, and his listeners are constantly waiting to see what DJ Suspence will play next. This fresh NEW and Innovative “Golden Boy” in the DJ World has quickly been labeled “The Daily Mix Master” by his listeners/followers.  With his “Pied Piper” EFFECT, DJ Suspence is KNOWN for creating fan favorite mixes like; “Soulful House Saves The Day”, “What House Means to Me” and “Soulful House For Everyone!”  DJ Suspence is notorious for his Exclusive Artist Mixes to include; Aretha Franklin,, George Michaels, Michael and Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Jill Scott, Madonna, Beyonce’, Ce Ce Peniston, Prince and Whitney Houston to name a few!   DJ Suspence is determined to introduce his own Soulful House Sound to the world and has made a huge impact on the Social Media Scene.  He currently hosts a 2 hour Periscope TV show and provides entertainment to several Universities for Homecoming Events and Shows. His Soulful Mixes are played from New York to Los Angeles, and all points in the United Kingdom including Germany, Brazil, India and Sweden, and South Africa. DJ Suspence creates a Soulful House Sound that has been described as “Ear Candy!” DJ Suspence has been able to transform his corner of the listening globe in the Washington, DC and New York markets by thinking outside of his regional box. “He makes you feel like you were right there with him, when his mixes were created” expressed by a new and recent listener.

DJ Suspence’s Eclectic Sound accompanied with HARD Driven House beats often carry his listeners into a Music Loving Frenzy. DJ Suspence is a Music Connoisseur that leaves a little piece of his soul in every mix.   He is a well-rounded musician/artist who is an entertainer who plays ALL genres of music (not just House!).  It seems that the accomplishments of DJ Suspence have not gone unnoticed.  DJ Suspence’s Soulful Music Mixes can be located on several websites including:  (TRSpencerMD ~ DJ Suspence) and eDeeJay (DJ Suspence).  He even admits….  “I am a witness that Hard Work, Determination and Drive are the KEY components to achieving my Goals rather than just sitting by and wishing that they come true”!

Sharing Music & Dreams with the World – One Turn Table, One needle, One Record, One MP3, and One Mix at a time!   The Suspence IS OVAH!         

Website:                                      Contact #:  301.967.1498

FB Page:                   e-mail:

Born and raised in the city of Detroit. His enthusiasm for mixing music was sparked in the breakdance era. Over the years that talent was transferred over to Techno and House Music. No stranger to the Dance Culture, he has worked with top Detroit talents, such as Dj Stacey Hale, Dj Cent, Dj Darryl G, Dj Eddie Fludd, and Tony Peoples to name a few. Whether in venues, on internet radio, or even Podcast. Dj Extreme Detroit’s talents shine with compassion, as it is heard through his mixing.
Music Production evolved as a past time project, only to be a mainstay status of many produced and remixed tracks. Such as Martone – Groove Tonight and Clayton Morgan – Taste Of Love. In return, he proudly claims the title of an iTunes CA Chart-Topping Music Producer. Along with other elite members he represents Enotram Records. He currently can be found on many platforms, playing the best in Garage and Deep House.

Erinn ‘DJ Cos’ Thomas is the original host of IRMIX Radio’s Friday Night Jamz. His specialization – House Music, RnB, and old school Hip-Hop. DJ Cos first appeared on IRMIX Radio’s Friday Night Jamz in October of 2012, when IRMIX Radio was Industry Revue in the Mix. Friday Night Jamz was a mainstay on the network and will be returning the first Friday in March 2021.

                                                                                                                                                           Tee Spence

Tee Spence’s experience in radio has been nothing short of extraordinary, she started co-hosting for programs such as The Jay King Network Radio Podcasts,, along with Jerry Royce Live Radio Network, in addition to doing voiceovers on other podcasts on BlogTalkRadio. Tina looks forward to bringing the knowledge and experience that she has gained by working on a variety of platforms and is excited to take part in the IRMIX Radio Station’s mission.

More about Tee, she is a Michigan native, former model, actress, freelance correspondent, radio personality, and spokesmodel. Her new show, Tea Time Tuesday’s with Tee which premieres on the IRMIX Radio Network in March 2021, will delve into the lives of singers/songwriters, and actors. With this program, Tee seeks to find her guest’s secret to longevity in the world of music, television, and film. This show promises to be uplifting and encouraging to anyone seeking to become involved in the entertainment business.    

Tee has said, “My joy and excitement comes with the love for music and radio.” She hopes that by working with IRMIX Radio, she will engage her guests to tell their stories unfiltered, by being transparent and delivering each, and every show with love, and honesty. She aims to keep her audience wanting more by interviewing celebrities and hopefuls on a variety of topics.

Donia, embraces being bubbly, giggly, animated, lively, and full of love. Love is her driving force, reaching beyond her personal circle, she truly cares for the world and all who exist in it. She finds inspiration in kindness and generosity, in other cultures, music, and food, and she loves to see others succeed and enjoys time with her family.

Arricca is all heart, full of curiosity and passion, she instantly connects with every type of personality. The love she has for humanity is unmeasurable. Her greatest fulfillment comes from making the dreams of others come true. “I’m all about peace, love, harmony, and the beauty of other cultures,” says Arrica. She enjoys time with her family, her 18 nieces, and nephews.