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Career is a term that is referred to the professional path that a candidate decides to take upon to earn a livelihood. This is, in fact, a vague definition for a career. And more importantly, the concept of people choosing a career to earn a livelihood has almost become redundant. The millennials nowadays are risk-takers and choose a career according to their passion irrespective of whether the career is stable or not. There is something called as an odyssey stage where people who have just completed there degrees, wants to postpone their prospects of working. People nowadays are in pursuit of knowledge more than the pursuit of money. From a bachelor’s degree to a master degree to a PhD, nothing seems to be enough for the growing population of millennials. This is something even businesses are taking into consideration. The attrition rates in companies are very high resulting in loss of money for the company in training and induction. The attrition rates would not have been high, provided a student had got good career counselling before choosing a particular career path. There are many career paths that a person can choose from. The fact that there are so many choices is in itself a problem statement. If the choices were low, people would not have much say in choosing a career path. But on what factors does he or she choose is a big question to ponder upon.
A career path should be chosen based on passion and interest in the field There are plenty of career choices to choose from like engineering, medical, commerce or management There is no one definition for a good career path The suitability of a career depends on person to person People tend to leave companies often because of improper career guidance at the beginning of their career Safe career paths are those that provide good salary and job security Choosing a risky career path like music or dance has become an increasing trend among the Millenials The millennial mentality is far different from the previous generation’s mentality in term of career paths Companies should address and provide good career guidance to their employees Educational institutes should provide career counselling to students in accordance with their interests and aptitude.
Each and every one of us has faced a certain junction or a cross-road at some point in our lives that has had a major impact on our lives. This can be both a professional crossroads or personal crossroads. But in this essay on career, I would like to talk about the cross-road that we see in our professional career. It’s not just the students who would have faced a dilemma in deciding a career, even employees past 30 years of age face this crisis. When a student’s face its called a beginner’s crisis, but when an employee 6 years down the lane faces dilemmas in his or her career choices, then its usually called a mid-life crisis or mid-career crisis. Midlife crisis is a term that refers to people who are having second thoughts about their career a few years down after working in the same. There might be plenty of reasons for these some of which may be an everyday monologue, fatigue, salary issues, professional growth issues, internal office dilemmas, etc. In this essay on career, I am going to talk about both the type of career choices. A student’s life is the first crossroad that we face in our lives. By keeping certain factors in mind, there is plenty of career choice a student can choose from. Some of the popular career choices are engineering, medicine, arts, and commerce. Which career to choose and on what terms is something that every student will have to worry about.