Artist Song Review Package 2

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We at IRMIX Radio understand the difficulty that independent artists face when trying to promote their music. That is why we have set up an affordable way to do so through artist interviews and advertising on our website. We also understand that there are plenty of other choices out there to choose from, some of them reputable some not. The only thing that we can promise you is that we will do what we say we will. Such as giving you a professional interview in print, sharing to our professional platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and MusicLink Up. These interviews will never disappear and will be stored here on this platform forever.


We cannot promise you that you will be discovered or even that your music streams will be increased. What I can say, is that if you give a compelling interview and the reader is interested that will lead them to find out more about you. We have over 30 years of experience in interviewing celebrities from all walks of life, and these celebrities in music, film, and television give pertinent advice on what it takes to make in the entertainment field. If you listen to them, study, take notes and prepare for your big moment for whenever it comes, you will succeed. You just cannot give up, no matter what.

Some ask, why pay for an interview on a website? To me, it is has been this way for some time now for independent artists, and as an indie artist myself, I have paid for coverage as it is a necessary expense. Over time, I have personally spent over $20,000.00 which included having music produced, promoting that music through popular freelance services through either interviews or running press releases. I have achieved some success with doing so, but there were times when I was looking to build my portfolio, I would find that some of these interviews that I gave which happened to be some really awesome interviews the links were either broken or I would go there and it would say, item not found. How, disappointing right?

Not all of the interviews on this site are paid for, because of the entertainers or celebrities stature we give the interview because it is earned media for them by achieving chart success. They have paid their dues, and they have arrived.

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Artist Song Review Package 2

We at IRMIX Radio will provide constructive feedback on your single and post to our social media sites and website. 

Once your order is placed, we will need your bio, and any links to your music, along with one photo. 

We will include (provided by you or your group or manager) a photo of the solo artist and or group, your current single that you are promoting, your SoundCloud player along with your IRMIX Radio print interview.  

We will also share your review, interview post on social media. 

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